Thursday, January 07, 2010

Torched Churches

I have been living under a coconut shell (katak bawah tempurung) for awhile until a few minutes ago. A friend MSN'ed that a church in KL was torched. I have mixed thoughts about this.

Firstly, it grieves me badly that things have deteriorated to this extent. What is happening to my country??

However, I am actually a bit happy that this has happened. Before you dismiss me as the anti-Christ, allow me to elaborate. Long enough have Christians been obsessed with buildings. Millions of ringgit overall have been poured into church buildings. Now, watch as the work of your hands is tested in fire. Does it stand? Remember also that the temple of Jerusalem is no longer around and it got burned at least twice if I remember (both times totally razing it to the ground).

Some may say "This is the work of Satan! blah blah blah". Indeed, Satan has opposed God since a pretty long while back. And it is possible that he incited those people to do what they did. However, the fact that it actually happened meant that God had allowed it. Remember that although Satan is the prince of the air, he is still under control by God (read Job). So, if God had allowed it to happen, surely there is a reason behind it. I won't claim to know the mind of God (who can?) but one possible reason is to shake Malaysian Christians awake. His previous shakings were not heeded much. So, will Malaysian Christians heed it now?

This is my first barrage of thoughts. Will edit if anything comes to mind. Please..feel free to comment.



Blogger Walking Disaster said...

My opinion:

If the people at The Herald weren't being stubborn and stopped using the word Allah, none of this would have happened.

The story:
They used Allah in their newsletter. Islamic group not happy.

Two choices:
Continue using the word Allah and face the consequences.


Just swallow their bloody pride and stop using that word.

Guess they made the wrong choice.

From a religion point of view, both are wrong. And both are being "drama-queen" about it.

10:04 PM  
Blogger child_of_God said...

Lol. yeah. true. But the word Allah has been used by Christians since quite some time ago. So, The Herald did nothing wrong at all.

And we also use the word 'Allah' in our Malay songs in MYF as well, right? hehe.

On the other hand, like you said, The Herald could have just drop the issue and not pursue a court case. Then things may not have come this far. O well.

10:40 AM  

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