Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Soviet Dreadnought from Red Alert 3

lol. this is a unit from the Soviet faction of a game i am playing now, Red Alert 3. yeah...i know it has been out awhile but...who cares. :P

some of the lines this unit says quite nice...:P

"Dreadnought and her crew are ready"
"Enemies of the Union shall burn"
"The seas will run red"
"These waters belong to Russia"
"We will fight to the last man and rocket"
"A majestic sight we must be" (my favourite...:P)
"If Lenin (?) could see us now"
"The waters tremble beneath us"

lolz. :p



Blogger Chen yI said...

Red Alert 3 is overrated.haha

4:38 AM  
Blogger child_of_God said...

lolz! just like the lines the dreadnought says. :P sounds nice to me..:P

9:19 AM  

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