Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just trying to write a 'poem'....:P

In the mind,
the world unseen,
by other mortals
and living creatures,
seen only by
the Eternal One,
struggles untold wage
in this realm
where dream and
reality meet face-to-face.

Struggle to do
what is right
against the wrong.
Struggle to know
the truth against
the deadly lies.

How to be
saved from this?
Who can save
a person who
is in this
dilema of life?

There's a Saviour,
Deliverer is He,
Comfort and strength
he gives to
all who call
on His name.

He strengthens weaklings,
lifts the bowed
and gives life
to all who
believes in His
Son, Jesus Christ.

Halleluyah! Praise Him!
All you people
gives glory that
is due Him!
Know that God
made you and
You are His.

He is all-powerful,
He can save
from all struggle.
Praise the Lord!
Halleluyah! Praise Him!
Most highest hosannas!


Blogger tiffanie said...

wow...sweet one ian!!

12:42 PM  

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