Sunday, December 03, 2006

All About Strings... still haven't repair yet..i am writing this from another com..hehe. I was helping out at TRAC office the other day and I had the task of untangling and cutting strings into almost equal lengths. As I was doing that, i began to think about the tangled up strings on my lap (i spent most of my concentration untangling the strings..who would not think about the strings?). To make my task less daunting, i seperated the tangle of strings into smaller tangles and concentrated my view on the smaller tangle so that i won't be intimidated by the larger tangle. I realised that life is sometimes like that. We want God to reveal the whole blueprint for our lives but we usually don't get it.

We sometimes say, "God, if you reveal the blueprint of my life to me, I would know what to do". But God in His wisdom doesn't (even if he does, rarely but I haven't heard before) reveal the whole blueprint of our lives mainly because we may become paralysed with fear when we see the whole path. We may be so stunned or mortified that we may try our best to change the not so good events that God intended to use to mould us. We may be paralysed with fear when we see the whole future ahead that we may not trust God anymore and try to take the situation in our own hands and try to change things.

This is my opinion why God doesn't reveal the blueprint of our lives slap in our faces but takes us through each step day by day. In Psalm 119:105, it reads "Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path". It didn't say "Your word is a spotlight for my path". Spotlights are very powerful and can shine a whole way down a road and reveal everything. But instead it is a lamp. You know how a lamp shines light right? :P Short distances only...:P

Solis Deo Gloria


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